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Palermo Consolidated School Panther News                                               10/26/2020 SCHOOL NEWS: On Saturday, I emailed parents to let them know that, despite Waldo County being designated Yellow by the Department of Education, we will continue with our current school schedule.  The superintendent and I continue to monitor the Covid 19 cases in the county and will let you know if we feel the risk for Palermo Consolidated has increased.   Parent Teacher Conferences: November 2nd and November 4th: 2:45 - 6:30pm. *We will hold PT conferences by Zoom, by phone, or through email. Please sign up for virtual conferences through Zoom by clicking on this link: Then click on the grade or name of the teacher which will take you to Sign up Genius. Teachers will communicate with you about zoom links next week. *If you are unable to use this online tool to sign up please call Anne at 993-2352. If you prefer a phone call or an email discussing your child's academic progress please email your teacher or call Anne. Grades 1st through 6th are holding NEWEA testing these next few weeks. Online learners are able, and encouraged, to take the NEWEA tests. November 3rd is a regular school day! SOCCER NEWS: At this time the game schedule is... Oct 26th @ Windsor Elementary School 3:45 Oct 27th @ Whitefield Elementary School   3: 45 Oct 28th   No practice Oct 29th @ Palermo against St. Mikes  3:30 CALENDAR OF EVENTS: Oct 26th-30th -      Spirit Week : T- Blue, white and pink day; W- superhero day; Th - sports attire day;                                                F- crazy hair or hat day.   Oct. 30th-              NEWEA Testing for online learners.                              Halloween party at the end of the day.  Any treats must be in store containers.   Nov 1st -               Daylight savings- turn back clocks 1 hour   Nov 2nd -              NEWEA make up day Nov 2nd & 4th-       Parent Teacher Conferences - Virtual, phone or email.  Nov 3rd-                Election Day - Students will be involved in a mock election Nov 11th -             No School - Veterans Day.   Nov 25th, 26th, 27th - No school - Thanksgiving break. From the Principal’s Desk:      Considering the designation of Yellow for Waldo County, it is important to keep everyone up to date on the vision of academic procedures of the hybrid structure or full remote structure.  Bright Space is a platform that will be used to provide parents with one place to access all the students academic assignments.  It is expected that Bright Space will be up and running soon.  I do not expect that navigating Bright Space will be very difficult for students in 5th through 8th grade.  We will be practicing these skills once it is up and running.   On the other hand, students in kindergarten through 4th grade will require more coaching and support.  We are waiting to receive a shipment of Chromebooks which will allow us to help practice these skills with the students.   Additionally, we understand that the younger students may require paper packets and this will be delivered or available for pick up.  As always, we continue to keep our fingers crossed that we can stay in school! If you have any questions please feel free to contact your teacher or me. Mrs. Oliphant

RSU 12

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Lincoln County is distributing FREE food boxes starting Monday, October 26th at 6 locations around the county. These boxes contain 20+ pounds of produce, meat and dairy products. This event is funded by the USDA and any person, regardless of income or residency is encouraged to join in. The locations will be drive-through service and the boxes will be loaded into your vehicle for you. Some locations include: Monday, Oct. 26 2:30-6:00pm Waldoboro Town Office Tuesday, Oct. 27 9:00am-12:30pm Wiscasset Community Center Wednesday, Oct. 28 1:30-5:30pm Whitefield Calvary Baptist Church Please spread the word to your family, friends, neighbors of this event. There are A LOT of boxes coming, and they want to make sure they don’t go to waste! See for a full list of locations and dates for pickup.

Palermo Consolidated School

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Parent -Teacher Conferences will be held November 2nd and November 4th. To sign up please go to this link: Click on the grade for your student, this will take you sign up genius.

Palermo Consolidated School

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Palermo Consolidated School Panther News 10/13/2020 SCHOOL NEWS: ***Change in School Schedule: PLEASE READ THIS! WE WILL HAVE SCHOOL ON NOV 3rd! Well, last week we were told that we would have school remotely on Nov 3rd because the town needed the gym to hold voting. This has changed! We will have school that day - thank goodness. SOCCER NEWS: Games are being rescheduled. Please make sure you check with your coach about games schedules. At this time the game schedule is... Oct 15th @ Palermo against Chelsea 4:00 Oct 20th @ Palermo against Windsor 3:45 Oct 23rd @ Palermo against St. Mikes 3:45 Oct 26th @ Windsor Elementary School 3:45 Oct 27th @ Whitefield Elementary School 3: 45 Oct 29th @ Palermo against St. Mikes 3:30 CALENDAR OF EVENTS: Tuesday, Oct 13 - Soccer practice canceled Wednesday, Oct 14 - Soccer practice until 2:30 Oct 19th - PreK in Somerville opens. Nov 1st- Daylight savings- turn back clocks 1 hour Nov 3rd- Election Day - Students will be involved in a mock election also Nov 11th - No School - Veterans Day. Nov 25th, 26th, 27th - No school - Thanksgiving break. From the Principal’s Desk: On Friday the state has designated our county as GREEN. Our teachers continue to plan for the possibility that our schools will have a hybrid model (yellow designation) at some time this school year. The hybrid model has students attending school for only two days a week. Half the students would come to school Monday and Tuesday - the other half of students would attend Thursday and Friday. Wednesday would be a remote learning day for all. IF this hybrid model is necessary, we will inform you of the schedule and expectations. It is important to know that all students are expected to complete school work that is assigned. The state is requiring that we take attendance and that students who do not complete work will be considered truant. Our school staff will work with everyone to make sure that they have access to learning and can complete work that is required. We will be using the platform Bright Space to present materials, videos, lessons, and communication. If we need to use Bright Space as our educational tool, I will provide all parents and students with training on how to log on and access the material. Teachers will start introducing Bright Space to students very soon. Parents of younger students will likely have a combination of paper packets and materials on Bright Space.

Howard Tuttle, Superintendent

Howard Tuttle, Superintendent , 22 days ago

As planned, all schools in RSU 12 will resume in-person learning starting tomorrow, Wednesday, October 7, 2020. If your student was contacted and told to quarantine, then they should continue to do so. Thank you to everyone for following the safety protocols in our schools. We look forward to resuming in-person learning tomorrow.

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