The RSU 12 School Board recognizes that student wellness and good nutrition are related to students’ physical and psychological well-being and their readiness to learn. The Board is committed to providing a school environment that supports student wellness, healthy food and beverage choices, nutrition education, and regular physical activity. The Board believes that students who learn and practice healthy lifestyles in their formative years may be more likely to be conscious of the importance of good nutrition and exercise as adults, practice healthy habits, and reduce their risk of obesity, diabetes and other chronic diseases.

The RSU 12 District Wellness Committee is made up of the following members:

  • Anthony Anderson, parent and community member
  • Kendra Anderson, school nurse
  • Leslie Burgess, adminsitrative assistant
  • Mike Flynn, director of student nutrition services
  • Frank Hample, school board member
  • Amanda Lincoln, student nutritional services team member
  • Pat Metta, principal
  • Kayla Sikora, adult ed director
  • April Spencer, teacher
  • Deb Talacko, school nurse
  • Howie Tuttle, superintendent
  • Heather Wilson, principal

Major Goals of the Committee:

  1. Increase, educate, and encourage a whole food plant-based diet throughout RSU 12.
  2. Increase staff wellness activities, education, and participation.

*This work plan details actions planned to reach each goal.

Minutes from RSU 12 District Wellness Committee meetings can be found here.

Resources for Wellness:

Please note that the links below will take you to resources outside of the svrsu.org domain and that are unaffiliated with RSU 12.  They are posted here for informational purposes only and do not reflect any endorsement by RSU 12.  

  1. How to get kids to try new foods, U.S. News article.
  2. Maine Health Let's Go 5-2-1-0 Program