There were over 425 responses to the April 6, 2020 online survey about COVID19 and the RSU12 response.*  

There was an even distribution of responses across schools and grade levels.

Is RSU 12 providing adequate learning experiences for your child? 

98% yes or somewhat

82.1% yes

16.1% somewhat

1.9% no

What types of learning have been most successful?

  • Paper-based learning activities (80.9%)

  • Online activities with the teacher (49.2%)

  • Online activities with apps (43.8%)

What issues have been most challenging?

  • Getting my child to engage in school work (52.5%)

  • Doing online activities (19.6%)

Internet Access:*

  • 85.3% have adequate Internet access to allow their child to do school work

  • 7.7% have unreliable/inadequate Internet access

  • 4.2% have no Internet access

  • Reasons for less than adequate Internet access are spread equally across the following:

    • Can’t afford it

    • Lack of providers

Access to Devices:

  • 2.8% of families report that there is no device for their child to do online work

  • 61.5% use a home computer or laptop

  • 52.7% use a home tablet

  • 15.9% use school-issued laptops

*Because this was an online survey, the data about the number of households with reliable Internet does not accurately reflect all those without access to the Internet. Staff have been reaching out to students and families and collecting more specific household-level information in order to inform instructional approach and practice. Although this contact is ongoing, the data so far suggests approximately 1/3 of RSU 12 students/families do not have reliable Internet access.