In November 2016, the Board approved allowing its members to submit requests for mileage reimbursement when using private vehicles and driving to and from committee meetings in addition to regular and special Board Meetings. To make members aware of the change and provide a document for use requesting reimbursement, two documents have been developed and are attached.

"About Board of Director Mileage Expenses" is a one page Microsoft Word document discussing expenses, the submittal process, and limits on reimbursement.

"Mileage Expense Reimbursement Request Form" is a two page Microsoft Excel document for Board members to complete, sign and date, and submit either electronically or manually for reimbursement.

To use the forms, click the small blue arrow to download to your computer, open the documents from the downloaded file, and complete them electronically. Alternatively, you can print the pdf files and complete the forms manually.

About Mileage Reimbursement (doc)

About Mileage Reimbursement (pdf)

Mileage Reimbursement Form (xlsx)

Mileage Reimbursement Form (pdf)