Bus riding is a privilege. The driver is in charge of the bus and it is expected that students will be courteous and helpful to ensure a safe ride. Some buses are equipped with video cameras, which will record student behavior. Each driver for the purpose of safe transportation of all students will enforce the following behavioral expectations:

Bus Expectations

1) In the morning, students will be waiting at the bus stop (not in the house). Students will get on and off the bus ONLY at their regular bus stop unless a written note from home is brought to the office. At the bus stop, students will remain 10 feet back from the side of the road until the bus comes to a complete stop. If they must cross the road, students will wait for a signal from the bus driver.

2) All students will have an assigned seat and will sit there whenever they’re on the bus. Temporary exceptions can be approved by the driver for a specific ride only. Upon entering the bus, students will keep their feet on the floor (no swinging/kicking), and their hands and belongings to themselves.

3) Students will sit correctly (facing forward, butt on the seat, feet on the floor in front of them, backpack in lap or on floor at their feet) at all times. Students will remain seated in their seats until it is time for them to disembark.

4) Students will use 2-foot voices when talking with others.

5) If a student needs to communicate something to the driver, they will raise their hand and wait until the bus driver recognizes them. They should not yell or get up and go to the driver unless directed to do so by the driver.

6) Bus windows may be opened with driver permission. Nothing should ever be thrown out the windows, and students should not put any part of their body or any of their belongings out of a window at any time. Windows should be closed by the student when the student departs from the seat.

7) Students may read, listen to music, and/or use personal games while riding the bus. Communication and/or photographic devices are not allowed, therefore computers, iPads, cameras, and cell phones are not allowed to be out of backpacks/cases on the bus. Because cell phones and iPads are not allowed out, games on these devices are not appropriate for the bus. If you are not sure if something is acceptable, ask your bus driver BEFORE taking it out.

Be aware that all non-school items brought to school or on a bus are at risk of being lost/stolen!

8) Food and drinks are not allowed to be consumed on the bus - this includes gum, lollipops, & candy. Food coming to and from school will remain in it’s container at all times while on the bus.

9) Only enrolled students of Windsor Elementary School (K-8) are to ride the bus.

10) Large objects (sleds, etc.), animals (insects, birds, reptiles, etc.), and glass objects will not be transported on busses. Musical instruments must transported in their appropriate cases. Sports equipment (such as bats or balls) must be contained in a bag or case that will allow for safe travel on a bus (these must be small enough to put in a seat with 2 other students).

School Bus Incident Reports (Bus Reports) and Consequences

If a rider violates the expectations of safe riding, the school will take the following steps:

First Major Violation: A Bus Report will be issued and a verbal warning will be delivered to the student.

Second Major Violation: A Bus Report will be issued, a discussion held, and the student will be assigned a 3-day bus suspension, commencing the following morning.

Third Major Violation: A Bus Report will be issued, a discussion held, and the student will be assigned a 5-day bus suspension, commencing the following morning.

Fourth Major Violation: A Bus Report will be issued, a discussion held, and the student will be assigned an indefinite suspension commencing the following morning. The student will remain on bus suspension until a meeting is held to determine appropriate actions. This meeting will involve parent(s), the Bus Driver, the Principal, and the Head of Transportation.

In all circumstances, if a “School Bus Incident Report” is issued for a Major Violation, a call will be made to the parent(s) of the student, and the Bus Report will be sent home with the student. It should be signed by a parent and returned to the Behavior Lab on the next school day. If the student has earned a bus suspension, the parent(s) will be responsible for transporting the student to and from school for the duration of the suspension.