Arrival and Dismissal Times
Students can start arriving at School at 8:00 am. Breakfast is served from 8:00 to 8:20. School is dismissed beginning at 2:30 p.m. at which time students board the buses. Exceptions are for those participating in extracurricular activities. Parent pick up is 2:30 p.m. Please sign out your child on the sign out sheet in the front entrance hallway (we will have a sign out sheet next to the door outside the office).
Students finding it necessary to be excused early for medical appointments or emergencies need to bring a note and get dismissed through the office. If a child is to leave school early, they need to bring a note stating the name, date and time of pick up and why this is requested.


A day lost from school cannot be replaced. Make-up work cannot duplicate the original instruction or interaction, which took place within the classroom. Developing good work habits in students begins now and school attendance is critical to forming good life habits.

Parents are encouraged to call the school the day of the student’s absence. Parents will be called from the school to check on student absences. Students absent from school are not allowed to participate in school or after-school activities on the day of their absence.

Students planning to take trips with their family during the school year are to write the principal a letter requesting an excused absence. The letter should state reasons detailing the educational advantages of the trip. The principal will approve or not approve the trip as an excused absence.

Make-up work for any extended absence should be completed within a week of return. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain make-up assignments when he/she returns to school, or to make arrangements for the work to be sent home via another student.

By state law, the following criteria will be used to determine if an absence is excused or unexcused. Excused absences are for:

1. Personal illness confirmed by parent;

2. An appointment with a health professional confirmed by a note from the health professional;

3. Observance of a recognized religious holiday when the observance is required during the regular school day;

4. A family emergency confirmed by parent contact with school; or

5. A planned absence for a personal or educational purpose, whichhas been approved by the school principal.

When a student is absent for more than 3 days consecutively, a note from a doctor is required for absences to be considered excused unless the absences have been approved by the principal.

* Reference RSU Policy JEA – Compulsory Attendance

Tardiness/Parent Dismissals

Instructional time is shortchanged if students are tardy, or are dismissed from school. Students should bring a note to explain their tardiness/dismissal and should stop at the office if they arrive anytime after 8:15. Notes/communication are requested to explain the tardiness/dismissal, just as we expect for an excused absence (see the 5 acceptable reasons for absence, above). If tardiness becomes chronic (more than 6 times), equivalent hours from school shall be estimated and the case handled as with other unexcused absences.

Truancy Policy

Pursuant to this policy and state law (Title 20A, M.R.S.A. 5051 and 5051A), The Windsor School establishes procedures for handling habitual truants. For the purpose of these procedures, “habitual” truancy is defined as follows:

“Any student who has attained grade 6, and has not yet attained the age of seventeen (17) that accumulates seven (7) consecutive “unexcused” absences, or ten (10) cumulative “unexcused” absences at any time during the current school year” is considered to be habitually truant.

“A student who is at least 7 years of age and has not completed grade 6 is habitually truant if they have the equivalent of 7 full days “unexcused” absences or 5 consecutive school days of “unexcused” absences during the school year.”

When a student is deemed to be a “habitual” truant, the following procedures will be followed:

Informal Process:

1. The Principal shall notify the Superintendent of Schools in writing. This communication will detail the following:

A. the number of (unexcused) days missed,

B. a brief description of the administrator’s concerns and

C. a brief description of informal actions (to date) that have occurred in an attempt to get the child to attend school. (*Note: As a minimum, the Administrator should have requested a meeting with the parent/guardian by this point)

2. Upon receipt of the above notification, the Superintendent will direct the Principal to formally request a meeting (dated, and in writing) with the parent/guardian of the truant child. The purpose of the meeting shall be to “identify possible causes of the habitual truancy and develop a plan to implement solutions to the problem.” If the parent fails to attend the meeting, the Principal and teacher(s) shall unilaterally develop a plan to resolve the problem. The law specifies a range of possible “interventions” that may include, but are not limited to:

A. frequent teacher communication with the family

B. changes in the learning environment

C. mentoring

D. counseling

E. tutoring, including peer tutoring

F. placement in different classes

G. evaluation for alternative or special education programs

H. attendance contracts

I. referral to other agencies for family services

J. other interventions, including but not limited to referral to the school attendance coordinator, the student assistance team, or the dropout prevention committee (where they may exist).

**Note: There may be good cause to consider a PET referral, given the history and current situation regarding the child’s specific situation. Careful scrutiny of this possibility should be made.

Formal Process:

1. Should the parent/guardian fail to appear, resulting in the school’s needing to develop a plan, the Department of Human Services, and/or Local Law Enforcement shall be contacted and invited to attend a meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to reinforce the plan already developed, or to craft an alternative plan, if necessary. It will also serve as formal notification of such agencies as to the truancy situation regarding the student.

2. The Principal shall ask the Superintendent to notify the School Committee, and the Superintendent will conduct the notification (of formal action) at the next regularly scheduled school committee meeting.

Biking and Walking to School

Permission slips from parents must be turned in at the office if a student wishes to walk to school or to ride a bike to school. Students who ride bicycles to school are expected to ride them in a safe manner and MUST wear a helmet. Upon arrival, you should immediately place your bike in the rack where it should remain until you leave the school grounds after school. Locks are encouraged to avoid stolen bicycles.

Bike riders should not ride on the school grounds when other students are present. Bicycle riders are expected to leave the school grounds after all the buses have been dismissed, or if involved in extracurricular activities, as soon as the practice or game has ended.


The school’s behavior policy applies to dances as well as all other programs and places in the school.

• Proper attire is required in accordance with Windsor’s Dress Policy.

• Permission from the principal to bring visitors is required one week in advance of the dance.

• A parent must accompany students arriving late.

• A parent must come into the building to pick up students after the dance.

Food and Drinks Brought to School

All food and drinks being brought to school should be in closed containers and stored in lockers (backpacks K-5) until snack time or lunch. Food and drinks (other than water) should not be consumed in the hallways or brought to classrooms without teacher permission...

Homeroom Requests

If a parent/legal guardian wishes to request a certain teacher for homeroom, it must be done in writing to the Principal by the end of April for the following year. Please submit the request in writing with at least one reason for the request. The Principal has final authority on homeroom assignments.

Lost and Found

Articles of clothing, and other equipment found on school grounds will be put in the lost and found boxes located at the parent drop off entrance. Periodically, these unclaimed items will be donated to local service agencies.

“No School” Announcements

If, during winter weather, the roads are determined to be too hazardous to safely transport students, school may be closed for the day. Notice of this will be made over radio & television. Radio stations to listen to are: FM 102.5, FM 101, FM 104.3,FM 92.3,WCSH channel 6 (Portland) and WLBZ channel 2 (Bangor). We will also be using instant alert to instantly notify you of any major school announcements. This is an automated alert system that you can register for online or by calling the school. We will automatically put in your home phone number for instant alerts, but if you want work numbers, cell phone numbers and e-mail addresses added you will need to add that information by accessing the online update web site


Occasionally, storms intensify later in the day necessitating the early closing of school. For this reason, parents should instruct students and make arrangements for their care should they not find you at home.

Delayed starts on stormy days give road crews more time to make roads passable. Delayed starts may be announced over the same stations (as well as instant alert) and will mean that buses will run approximately one hour later than usual.


It is school policy that no pets are allowed on school grounds. This is during school hours and any extra curricular activity held after school hours as well.

Supplies for Students

Students will receive a letter from classroom teachers specifying what supplies will be needed in that classroom. Being prepared for each class is important. Student responsibility in this regard will be stressed and followed through with communication to parents.


We encourage parents to visit the school. We believe this helps each child sense the importance of school, as well as increasing the opportunity for parents and educators to work together. We require all visitors to observe the following:

• Please call ahead to arrange your visit.

  • Check in at the office to get a visitor’s pass. If you are dropping in without an appointment, please do not proceed to the classroom until authorized by office staff to do so. (For the safety and security of students and staff, visitors who fail to register in the office will be required to return to the office for a visitor’s pass.)
  • • No student visitors are allowed at school while school is in session. The principal, especially in regard to educational purposes, may make exceptions.