After-School Eligibility

Playing sports or participating in any other school activity is a privilege, which can be revoked for disciplinary and academic matters. If a student is suspended from school they will lose the privilege to participate in any extracurricular activity.If a student has an unexcused absence (including an unexcused tardy or unexcused dismissal) from school, the student may not participate in after-school activities that day.Students/Athletes are required to have passing grades in order to participate in after-school activities. If their academic performance is in jeopardy they will be put on Academic Probation (see Athletic Handbook for details).


Six basic sports are offered: soccer, basketball, softball, baseball, track, and cross country running. Students try out for positions on teams. Coach’s decisions must be final in the selection process. Students participating on Windsor teams are representing Windsor School, their parents, community and themselves and are expected to be positive representatives. Disciplinary problems may result in suspension from the team for a period of time to be determined by the coach, athletic director, and/or principal.

Sports Handbook - Each student and parent must read and sign an athletic handbook that is used as a guideline for Windsor Wildcat Sports.

Sportsmanship - Good sportsmanship needs to be the hallmark of participation. Students are expected to act in accordance with the rules of Windsor School. Students demonstrating poor sportsmanship will be reprimanded. A meeting with the coach/advisor, AD and principal will take place. At that time, a plan of consequences will be developed.

Extracurricular Transportation

Students participating in school-sponsored activities out of town must ride to the activity in vehicles provided by the Windsor School Dept. - usually a bus.Exception - Students serving detention may be taken to an away game by their parents or designated adult driver providing the parents have provided a note of permission.

If a student wishes to return home with his/her parent, the parent must sign for the student with the coach or advisor. In order for other immediate members of a family, i.e., older sibling, grandparent, etc., to take a student home, they must possess a signed note from a parent.

Non-members Attending Extracurricular Activities

Students who stay after school to attend an extracurricular activity, or who return to school after dismissal to attend a school event, but are not part of the extracurricular group or team, must be under the direct supervision of a staff member or parent.