Computer & iPad Expectations
Be Respectful-communicate politely and appropriately to everyone
-understand that iPads are not to be borrowed and passwords are not to be shared except with school administrators, parents, or guardians
-ask permission before taking and/or sharing a photo, video, or recording of anyone
Be Responsible
-keep your iPad in your possession or secured in a locked location at all times
-always store and carry your iPad in its zipped case. If not taken home, the iPad must be stored in its case in the assigned classroom. It may be secured overnight in a locker only after hours if the classroom is locked
-in class, use your iPad only when allowed and only for the subject matter being studied in that class
-keep your iPad charged and ready to use in class
-keep your iPad and case clean
-keep your iPad away from all food and drinks (including water)
-always put your iPad or computer where it can not be stepped on or spilled on
Be Safe-follow online safety guidelines while searching, working, and communicating
-download materials which have educational purposes and only with adult permission
-only use the power adapter that came with your iPad for charging

Internet User Agreement and Computer Use

See RSU #12 Policy IJNBD and IJNDB-R Student Computer and Internet Use and Rules.