Breakfast and Lunch

Our kitchen staff, in conjunction with the federally subsidized hot lunch program, attempt to serve students a nutritious breakfast and lunch. Parents are encouraged to apply for our reduced fee schedule for lunch. Applications will be passed out the first day of school with extras in the office. This program not only allows children to receive very affordable meals but also gives back to the school funds for our federally funded remedial reading and math program (Title I).


Breakfast $1.30

Reduced BreakfastFree

Lunch $2.40

Reduced Lunch$ .40

Extra Milk$ .40

Al a carte - no charges allowed, see kitchen staff.

Cafeteria Expectations

Be Respectful-use a 2-foot voice if talking (unless instructed otherwise by staff)
-quietly wait your turn in line
-keep hands, feet, food, and items to yourself
Be Responsible-enter the cafe quietly
-sit where assigned, and sit appropriately
-get all necessary items the first time through the line
-remain seated until dismissed by staff
-clean up after yourself and keep your area clean
Be Safe-always walk
-eat only food and drinks provided for you by your parents or cafeteria staff
-keep your food to yourself