Whitefield Elementary School held a community forum in order to collect information from the community about areas in which the school should work to improve. The forum generated many ideas and the school has embarked on a process to address the areas of improvement. 

In January 2018, a group was formed to coordinate this work. The group is called the Whitefield Collaborative Problem-Solving Project. There are twenty-two members of this group representing many different parts of the Whitefield Community.

 You can find the membership list here

Some actions have already been initiated or will be initiated in the near future which include, but are not limited to:

  • Initiation of the Whitefield Collaborative Problem-Solving Project committee.
  • Initiation of more after-school enrichment activities in areas such as coding, art, aquaponics, 4-H and more.
  • Bus aides on all buses.
  • Budgeting for video cameras on all buses.
  • Review and refinement of discipline policies including district bullying policies.
  • Continued implementation of restorative practices and further training for educators.
  • Additional anti-bullying and anti-harassment training for all staff.
  • Monthly positive behavior celebration assemblies for students.
  • Civil Rights team implementation and activities.
  • Reviewing barriers to volunteer coordination.
  • An "Education Celebration" will be scheduled for May.

Please see documents below that have been generated during or after the forum.