Proficiency Grading Information

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Beginning in the 2014-15 school year, RSU 12 is using a tool called Jumprope to record and report grades for our students as they work towards proficiency of standards in a proficiency-based system. (Below is a sample report of student progress.)

  • Progress Reports and Report Cards will list students' classes or subjects.
  • For each class, you can see an overall score on a four-point rubric.
  • In addition, each class or subject is divided into sub-topics that we call standards, and there is a score for each standard. This information helps identify areas of strength and areas for more learning.
  • Teachers can also provide citizenship scores, and these do not affect the grade in the class or subject.

Frequently asked question:

What is Decaying Average in Standards-Based Grading?

Decaying Average is a type of Mastery Level Calculation for Standards-Based Grading that puts more weight on the most recent score.

The Decaying Average formula (which is set to 65%) recognizes that the most recent score is more representative of the student's current mastery level and thus puts more weight on that score (as opposed to a straight average that counts the student's first work and most recent work as equally important). On the other hand, it also recognizes that past work might be relevant; it is still part of the whole picture (as opposed to the Most Recent formula which only counts the most recent score).

How Does it Work?

Let's say you have the Decaying Average 65% formula and 2 scores on Standard A given in this chronological order: 2, 3.

  • .35(2) + .65(3) = 2.65 is the Mastery Level.

Next, imagine that you give that student a new score of 4 on Standard A.

  • .35(2.65) + .65(4) = 3.53 is the new Mastery Level. Notice how this takes the last Mastery Level and weights it by 35%, then weights the most recent score for Standard A by 65%.
Let's Compare
Score 1Score 2Score 3Current Mastery Level
Decaying Average 65%2343.53
Most Recent2344