Sheepscot Valley RSU 12
Proposed Fiscal Year 2020 School Budget

Detailed Budget Documents can be found here.

The RSU 12 Finance Committee and the Superintendent will be presenting information about the fiscal year 2020 RSU 12 budget at the following times and locations. The presentations are open to the public. All RSU 12 citizens are encouraged to attend. You can attend any of these public meetings below even if it is not located in your town. The RSU 12 Finance Committee presents in all RSU 12 towns in order to make it convenient for everyone to hear information about the school system and the budget. The schedule of presentations is below.

  1. Chelsea Town Office - Chelsea Selectboard Meeting - February 28th 6:30 pm (live-streamed on community TV)
  2. Windsor Town Office - Windsor Selectboard Meeting - March 5th 6 pm
  3. Alna Fire Station - Alna Selectboard Meeting - March 13th 6 pm
  4. Chelsea Elementary School - RSU 12 Board of Directors - March 14th 6:30 pm
  5. Whitefield Fire Station - Whitefield Selectboard Meeting - March 19th 6 pm
  6. Palermo Town Office - Palermo Selectboard Meeting - March 28th 6:30 pm
  7. Westport Island Town Office - Westport Selectboard Meeting - April 1st 6 pm
  8. Somerville Town Office - April 3rd 6 pm
  9. Chelsea Elementary School - RSU 12 Board of Directors - April 11th 6:30 pm
  10. Chelsea Elementary School - RSU 12 District Budget Meeting - May 16th 6:30 pm